You Won’t Believe How Much Ant And Dec Earn In A Day

The TV duo have been around forever and they have the wallets to show for it...

ant and dec
These two are loaded... Image Getty Images

Ant and Dec the duo of Geordie best friends who have taken over television for decades in shows like Britain’s Got Talent, The Ant & Dec Show and Saturday Night Takeaway are extremely fucking rich.

They reportedly earn £79,000 every DAY. That’s based on the fact that they collectively earned £29.5million in the last 12 months. That’s almost double what Wayne Rooney makes in a week.

We know this information thanks their accounts being made public through Companies House paperwork for their firms Deecourt Ltd, Teecourt Ltd and Hurley Promotions.

This massive amount comes as no surprise since they recently signed a three-year deal with ITV worth £30 million.

Ant and Dec
Do you remember this?/Getty

A source told The Sun, “It’s a testament to their characters that you never see them flouting their cash or acting flash despite being the best-paid stars in British telly.”

Perhaps this isn’t completely accurate, Dec can be seen cruising around town in his £150,000 Ferrari California. 

In a statement they shared their joy about working with the TV network again, ““This deal will take us past the 20-year mark with ITV, and we couldn’t be happier.” We think the money might have something to do with the happiness.

What can you buy with £79,000 a day? You could own one Range Rover Sport for each day of the week and still have more to spare.

Not too shabby Ant and Dec.

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