Brock Lesnar: ‘Vicodin and Vodka were my best friends’

The wrestler opened up about his troubles in a new interview.

lesnar wrestler
Fighter Brock Lesnar has admitted his battles with drink and drugs

WWE and UFC star Brock Lesnar has opened up about his battles with substance abuse, revealing in a candid interview with ESPN that vicodin and vodka were two things he couldn’t live without. 

He said: “I was on the road and I was injured and I was the champion and I didn’t want to quit. I had a no-quit attitude. Vicodin and vodka were my closest friends – and my closest enemies.”

Lesnar retired due to his addiction problems, but has since made a comeback.

“I had to get out of the wrestling business back then to save my life,” he added.

“I just wasn’t happy. I wasn’t happy at the time. I felt like a caged animal. I didn’t want that. I still had a competitive nature inside me. I had a calling to go back and compete again.”

For all that competitive nature Lesnar has found it difficult to get noticed, especially in his early days when he tried to grab the attention of the top supremos in the UFC. 

Lesnar explained: “Dana White wouldn’t take my phone calls. I win my first MMA fight, Dana White won’t take my phone calls from my lawyers and manager and so I said fine. Randy Couture was fighting Gabriel Gonzaga for the heavyweight title so I said buy a ticket and we’ll go to the show,”

Lesnar took the initiative to push himself into the spotlight by forcing the issue with White. 

He said: “I bought a ticket, sat in the stands, watched the whole show and at the end of the show, I jumped the guard rail, escaped a few security guards, ran up and tapped Dana White on the shoulder and introduced myself and that’s where the ball got started rolling.”

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