WWE Legend Ric Flair Signs On For Film Debut

The Nature Boy has signed on to appear in a wrestling comedy with a twist.

WWE legend Ric Flair.Image Getty

The Nature Boy Ric Flair is set to bring his unique brand of bats*** craziness to the big screen after signing up to appear in his first ever movie.

A WCW and WWE legend of some considerable stature, Flair has remained a popular figure in the pop culture lexicon, helped by his trademark rants and habit of shouting the word “wooo!!!” at random points.

Now, according to The Wrap, Flair has reached an agreement to feature in the film dramedy Uncle Steamroller & Champion Rabbit. As film titles go, it’s not one that fills loaded with a lot of confidence, but the plot sounds intriguing enough.

Uncle Steamroller & Champion Rabbit follows the misadventures of an Iraq war veteran who struggles to regain his pro heavyweight wrestling championship while being managed by a failed motivational speaker.

WWE legend Ric Flair.

But before Nature Boy fans get too excited, it’s probably worth mentioning that Flair hasn’t been cast in either of those roles. Instead, he’ll play the president of the World Wrestling Union, the company Uncle Steamroller attempts to stage a comeback with.

“I really like this wonderfully written script and find it to be very entertaining,” Flair told TheWrap. “The edgy sense of humour is great, but the story also has a good heart. I’m expecting the inspirational story line will appeal to fans that extend beyond my loyal core wrestling base, and I am seriously looking forward to getting this film in front of worldwide audiences. Wooooooooooooooooo!”

WWE legend Ric Flair.

Flair will also serve as executive producer on the movie along with fiancee Wendy Barlow, which may go some way to explaining how he landed the gig in the first place.

In any case, the casting of the WWE veteran is good news all round, with Flair back fighting fit following a spell in hospital. Dwayne Johnson had better watch out – the Nature Boy is coming for his crown.

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