World’s Biggest Bra Goes Up For Auction On eBay

The record-breaking bra was re-listed after the highest bidder dropped out.

The world’s biggest bra has gone back up for bidding on eBay – but it’s not what you think.

This particular sale has been organised to raise money and awareness for Breast Cancer Care and boasts a bust measuring some 29.6 metres while the under bust measurement comes in at 26.72 metres.

It’s modelled on the original “Gorgeous” t-shirt bra that first went on sale at Debenhams and took a whopping four weeks to make. Those efforts were worth it though, with the 1360B cup size bra setting a new Guinness World Record for the largest undergarment of its kind.

It made headlines back in 2011 after it was mounted on the side of ITV’s South Bank tower to for Wear It Pink Day. The bra has been relisted on eBay after the original buyer backed out of the auction, after admitting he had no real use for it.

big bra on ebay.

The unnamed 22-year-old male from East Sussex had originally landed the bra with a bid of £530 but the ex-supermarket worker soon had second thoughts after makers Chillisauce contacted him to arrange a delivery.

He soon expressed second thoughts though, admitting he didn’t really know what to do with the bra.
Mike Chidzey, spokesperson for Chilli Sauce said:

“When I got in touch with the buyer about picking up the bra he genuinely seemed shocked and admitted he had absolutely no use for the bra whatsoever. He mentioned that he really didn’t think it through and thought someone would outbid him. Unfortunately, this does therefore mean we have had to put the bra back up for auction. However, hopefully this means those who are genuinely interested will have the chance to bid and do something good for charity at the same time.”

big bra on ebay.

As a result, the auction was extended until Monday February 19, with all proceeds from the sale set to go to the breast cancer charity.

Breast Cancer Care was founded in 1973 by Betty Westgate that offers emotional and practical support to those who have been affected by breast cancer with clinical expertise.

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