Woman launches online fundraising page asking for £80k to help fund lifestyle

"I’m actually not a bad person"

AN AUSTRALIAN Instagrammer who earned the nickname ‘Mercedes Mum’ after leading police on a 10km chase in her £200,000 sports car is back in the news.

27-year-old Margarita Tomovska first hit the headlines last year after appearing in court over the pursuit that allegedly saw her hit speeds of up to 200km/h in her Mercedes Benz while her toddler daughter was sat in the back seat.

Tomovska’s subsequent appearance at Wollongong Local Court, in which she wore luxury Gucci sunglasses, a Balmain dress and Christian Louboutin shoes worth in excess of $4,000 combined, attracted further attention still.

Tomovska had her licence suspended and is due to appear in court in August.

Since then she’s become something of an Instagram celebrity, where she can be found flaunting a luxury lifestyle of fast cars, luxury shopping and occasional trips to the casino.

However, Tomovska’s new-found fame has come at a cost – and she wants her fans to foot the bill.

The 27-year-old has taken to the online fundraising platform GoFundMe to try and raise essential funds.

According to the social media star, her newfound attention has seen her attraction an undue level of attention from the New South Wales Police strike force, Raptor.

Tomovska claims to have been the target of a campaign of harassment from the police group that has left her struggling to find full-time work.

“I know you all don’t know me but I’m actually not a bad person,” she wrote.

“These dogs are liers [sic] and have something against me for no reason as I’m sure I’m not the only one. 

“Due to the bulls*** that they have made up about me on current affair they have restricted my rights to see my daughter.

“They have made it very hard for me to maintain a job as no one would hire me due to the bullshit from raptor and ACA combined.”

“So, I created this GoFundMe to raise some support against the bullshit that they have done to me and everyone else. It’s about time we fight back. Enough is enough!”

Her pleas appear to have fallen on deaf ears so far though, with the fund raising just $175 towards the $100,000 target.

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