The Insane WindGames Combines Extreme Sports And Skydiving

This year's stand out was a brave as f*ck 14-year-old girl. Yup.

Kyra Poh, competing during the WindGames. Image

The WindGames is the new viral extreme sport competition everyone should know about.

It involves performing an aerobatic routine in a vertical wind tunnel for seconds at a time while being judged by a panel of sky professionals. The best part? Victors can walk away with up to €7000. [via Gizmodo]

The sport has taken off significantly since The WindGames in 2016 – gaining views across all visual platforms which equal events in the freaking Olympics. 215 million to be exact. So, why isn’t this an Olympic event?

Red Bull is an official sponsor, which proves the fact that they put money into the coolest sports on earth. Remember the Stratos jump? Turns out Red Bull really can give you wings.

Teams from all over the world compete in the different categories, which include formation skydiving, freestyle, 4-way, 2-way, solo, and speed – we believe that means they twirl and flip around as fast as they can against wind speeds that reach up to 230km/h.

Take a look at the incredible sport below:

It’s a risky endeavour; many things can go gruesomely wrong especially considering the gusts of air are intent on pushing competitors through the roof – safe to say this sport requires lots of strength and focus.

The 2017 WindGames were held in Spain at the Windoor wind tunnel in Catalonia. The UK competed along with 200 other skydivers from all over the globe.

This year, the standout was a 14-year-old girl from Singapore named, Kyra Poh. She walked away with a bounty of gold medals for her zero gravity athleticism. She’s being called the ‘world’s fastest flyer.’ That’s something to put on your CV.


If you want to know more about this insane competition or sign up, check out the official website here. Godspeed, adrenaline junkies.

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