Why the original Blue Power Ranger is no fan of Bryan Cranston

The Breaking Bad star hasn’t always been a good guy to everyone. Seriously.

Bryan Cranston
Electric Dreams Bryan Cranston is hot property after Breaking Bad. Image Picture Christopher Polk/Getty

Bryan Cranston may have developed a loyal fan base through roles on Malcolm in the Middle and Breaking Bad but it would appear not everyone is a fan of Heisenberg.

In fact, one guy is no fan of Cranston at all.

Oh, and that guy just happens to be the original blue Power Ranger himself, David Yost.

William 'Billy' Cranston
William 'Billy' Cranston The original Blue Power Ranger Image Viacom

Cranston, who is set to feature in the upcoming Power Rangers movie reboot, landed himself in Yost’s bad books a few years back.

It followed a series of comments made during an interview with IGN in which Cranston seemingly outed Yost against his wishes.

Yost, who played Billy Cranston – a character named after Bryan – had kept his sexuality a secret throughout the 1990s, as he was worried it might affect his opportunities in Hollywood.

But the Breaking Bad star let the cat out of the bag after describing Yost as “the fey one” a slang term used to describe someone with ‘fairy-like’ qualities.

Speaking to NBC Out, Yost admitted the comment left him upset to say the least.

“When I read that interview, which took place about a year before I came out publicly, it really hurt me,” he said.

“In his mind, he probably thinks he was being funny, but that’s the kind of thing that’s not funny, and that’s the kind of thing I would hear while I was working on set… it gets to you.”

The original Power Rangers line-up.
The famous five. Image Viacom

Cranston has since gone on the record to apologise for what he described as a “thoughtless” comment though we can’t imagine he will be worming his way back on to Yost’s Christmas card list anytime soon.

Maybe Bryan should just count himself lucky that Billy doesn’t unleash the power of the Triceratops on his ignorant ass.

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