Wayne Rooney’s England celebrations like something out of a horror film

England fans should be afraid. Be very afraid.

England Wayne RooneyImage Picture Shaun Botterill/Getty

England left it late to secure victory over Wales but the winner and the Wayne Rooney celebration that followed is likely to live long in the memory – for good and bad reasons.

Daniel Sturridge’s stoppage time strike gave Roy Hodgson’s team three price points and the opportunity to secure top spot in Group B with victory over Slovakia.

However, all the Rooney celebration that followed Sturridge’s priceless strike is like to give England fans is nightmares for the near future.

With the players, and coach Gary Neville, joining together for one mass huddle of joy following the goal, Rooney took it upon himself to grab the nearby camera and scream down the lens.

Now, had the likes of Gary Cahill or even Sturridge himself done such a thing then it is unlikely to have had the same effect – after all, both are good looking chaps.

Rooney is an altogether different story though.

And when the Manchester United man did opt for this memorable outpouring of emotion it was something akin to the heart-stopping moment Pazuzu appears on screen in The Exorcist.

the-sad-story-of-the-surprising-voice-of-the-exorcist-s-pazuzu-and-her-family-murder-tr-733396Despite this, the 30-year-old deserves plenty of credit for another tireless display in midfield for England with Rooney adapting quickly to his new role in the England setup.

His latest camera interaction also marks a stark departure from the last time he broke the fourth wall of football to berate England fans booing the Three Lions at the 2010 World Cup.

Whatever you think about Rooney though, after picking up a first win in six major tournament games, Wayne could vomit down the lens for all we care.

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