Watch: Water Slide Man Might Be The Viral Hit Of The Summer

The internet has lost their minds over this extraordinary clip...

water slide
This is pretty amazing... Image Morgan Evick/ Twitter

A video of a man dominating a water slide in a Jamaican resort has gone viral, and for a good reason, he practically walks on water.

Morgan Evick captured the moment during his holiday at the resort, in the clip we see a hotel swimming pool outfitted with some impressive waterslides. He caption the video with, “Slidin’ (literally) in the DM’s like…..” 

One slide flings a vacationer forward, and we witness him skimming across the water like a skipping rock until he miraculously gets to the steps where he lands on his feet and steps out, with time to adjust his top and applaud his efforts.

It’s an extraordinary event and has garnered 150,000 likes on Twitter, with 5.58 million views so far.

The internet is losing their minds over this athletic feat, with many claiming the action was “as smooth as melted peanut butter.” We can’t help but agree, it was pretty seamless.

People are wondering exactly how he did it, with many claiming it’s most likely a happy accident or even the laws of physics in action.

One commenter said this, “I’ve watched this video 20 times and the only way this possible is if he either a water bender or Jesus.”

Either way, we can’t stop watching, though it’s doubtful we’ll ever attempt it ourselves.

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