Watch: Leonardo DiCaprio plays spectacular prank on Jonah Hill

The bromance is strong with this pair.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill in The Wolf of Wall Street
Bromance Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill in The Wolf of Wall Street. Image Picture Warner Bros/Paramount

They forged an unbreakable friendship on the set of The Wolf of Wall Street – and now Leonardo DiCaprio’s love for pal Jonah Hill is spilling over into prank form.

It’s long been thought that George Clooney was Hollywood’s prankster-in-chief, but new footage sweeping across the web paints the Oscar-winning Revenant star as a cunning and competent jokester.

A cap-wearing DiCaprio is seen posing as a manic fan, phone raised to snap a photo and charging towards Hill at high speed. When Hill realises who it is, the pair embrace and full bromance is restored.

Watch the whole thing unfold below…

DiCaprio and his gang of pals were notorious in the 90s, being branded ‘The Pussy Posse’ and leaving a trail of destruction (and broken hearts) across New York and Los Angeles.

Does this gang live on with DiCaprio and Hill at the helm? Maybe this prank is a little sample of what to expect from their Wolf (of Wall Street) Pack…?

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