Watch: Incredible Footage Of Bruce Lee’s Only Recorded “Real” Fight

Bruce Lee’s fight skills extended beyond the world of film and into real life.

Bruce Lee

Footage of the late, great Bruce Lee sparring with a fellow fighter, in his prime, has been restored and uploaded to YouTube.

Lee made a name for himself with a string of cult kung-fu movies including Game of Death and Way of the Dragon and was known for his incredible fighting abilities and all round athleticism.

He invented his very own martial art: jeet kune do, which translates as “the Way of the Intercepting Fist” and was famed for his fluid technique which was even tested, on occasion, away from the cameras.

An avid teacher of jeet kune do, Lee regularly sparred with students in a series of exchanges that have, until now, remained largely unknown.

One of these encounters has finally found its way on to YouTube though with the channel Beerdy: Bruce Lee Central uploading fully restored footage of Lee fighting one of his top students Ted Wong.

The clip, which is likely to have been filmed in California, sees the pair face-off in dark black padding and gear, which was a standard rule at the time.


While Wong attempts, on several occasions, to get close to Lee, he proves no match for the martial arts master, despite being among his best students.

Lighting fast and capable of disarming Wong with ease, Lee even manages to unleash an uppercut to the face during the fight, though his opponent stays on his feet.

Lee passed away on July 20, 1973, at the age of just 32. Despite his relatively short life and film career, his legend lives on to this day.

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