Video: Arnold Schwarzenegger cycles wrong way down edinburgh road

He’ll be back… and riding into on-rushing traffic.

Edinburgh residents, Arnold Schwarzenegger needs your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle. Sorry… we meant bicycle.

The Hollywood star was in Edinburgh last night as guest of honour for a black tie event at the International Conference Centre. Tickets for the exclusive event cost £1,500 each.

The day after the evening bash, Schwarzenegger took a bike tour of Edinburgh’s West End, and promptly set social media on fire when he began cycling down the wrong side of the road.

All of this was despite passers-by yelling out warnings about the traffic. The former Governor of California clearly hadn’t acclimatised to switching over to the other side of the road yet.

“My first Edinburgh bike ride. A beautiful city!” he wrote on Twitter just before careening into on-rushing traffic.

During the Q&A at the ICC, Schwarzenegger addressed his long-standing rivalry with Sylvester Stallone in the 80s.

“We hated each other because we both had big egos,” he admitted. “There was me that wanted to have the number one action movie, then there was him that wanted to have the number one action movie.

“It was a battle of who makes more money at the box office? Who works with better directors? Who has more muscles on the screen? Who has the biggest guns? Who kills the most people?”

Now the pair have put that on-screen competitiveness behind them, starring together in Escape Plan and the Expendables franchise.

“I go to his house to watch the fights or football games and he comes to my house for parties or for dinners and to smoke a stogie,” Schwarzenegger added.

Schwarzenegger is expected to return to one of his iconic roles later this year, when he begins filming on Conan The Barbarian sequel The Legend Of Conan.

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