US breakfast TV presenter unwittingly builds penis-shaped sandcastle

Oh tell me why, do we build knob-focused sandcastles in the sky, oh tell me why...

Now that's a sandcastle And there is not a knob in sight.

Mike DiGiacomo is clearly a person with dicks on the brain, if his latest sandcastle-led on-air blunder is anything to go by.

One of the presenters on US favourite KMTV Morning Blend, DiGiacomo suffered an epic fail when trying to build his very own sandcastle.

All he ultimately, achieved, however was to sculpt a incredibly lifelike schlong, complete with veins and a beautifully carved bell end.

Looking like something straight out of a porn film, it was pretty clear what the American had on his mind, even if those around him appeared oblivious to what was going on.

What is perhaps also worth noting is that all of this occurred, on live TV, at the eye-wateringly early time of 9.53am.

And while it was one thing to create the main shaft, sorry turret, DiGiacomo really did not need to compound things by adding two domes at the base of the shaft, sorry turret.

English television viewers will undoubtedly feel some compassion for their American counterparts.

After all, with Piers Morgan currently on the Good Morning Britain sofa, UK viewers are being forced to look at a penis on a near-daily basis.

We genuinely do not know which is the more palatable prospect – probably the sand penis.

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