This Man Won A Jet Ski For Giving The Year’s Shortest Oscars Speech

His name is Mark Bridges and he's our kind of award winner.

The Oscars can be a bit of a slog for those watching at home.

Not only are there a glut of awards to give out and get through, but some winners have a habit of delivering long-winded and, dare we say occasionally, self-indulgent acceptance speeches.

There are exceptions to the rule though – exceptions like costume designer Mark Bridges, who took home the Oscar for Best Costume Design and duly delivered the briefest of acceptance speeches.

It was so brief, in fact, that it earned Bridges a jet ski! Yeah, a jet ski!

That was all thanks to host Jimmy Kimmel, who previously announced that the Oscar winner delivering the shortest speech on the night would be taking home a jet ski as a bonus.

“Why waste precious time thanking your mom when you could be taking her for the ride of her life: on a brand-new jet ski!” Kimmel told the crowd.

“This is not a joke. I will be timing you. I have a stopwatch.”

Bridges duly triumphed, taking home a 2018 Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra 310LX which was presented to him by Helen Mirren.

Get Out writer Jordan Peele came closest to beating him to it, at one point appealing for quiet from the crowd because they were “going to mess up his jet ski.”

Others were less enthusiastic with Roger Deakins, who won the cinematography award for Blade Runner 2049, actually making a point of staying on stage longer.

“I guess I better say something, or else they’ll give me a jet ski, and I don’t see myself on a jet ski somehow”, the 68-year-old explained.

Hats off to Bridges though, for keeping it brief. Maybe next year they could extend the offer to a jet ski for anyone who keeps their speech under 10 seconds? Just an idea…

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