This IT Worker Struggled To Find A Girlfriend So Built One Instead

The IT engineer married his cyborg bride at a ceremony in China

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An IT worker fed up with the dating scene took the unusual step of constructing his very own robot wife, it has been revealed.

Former Huawei telecommunications employee Zheng Jiajia built his dream partner from scratch after failing to snare a girlfriend following his graduation from Zhejiang University in 2011.

Yingying was the result. A “female” cyborg built from scratch by Jiajia, the robot is only capable of basic functions at the moment and boasts a vocabulary of just a few words.

That said, she is able to visually recognise Chinese characters and images and has landed a job already, as the spokesperson of his new startup “Brain of Things.”

The new husband and his robot wife
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Jiajia has even big plans for her though, after the pair got “married” at a ceremony in his native China.

Dressed in a striking black suit and traditional Chinese red scarf, which was placed over her face like a veil, the 31-year-old IT worker’s mum and several colleagues were in attendance for the special ceremony.

Jiajia’s next task will be to upgrade Yingying’s currently range of functions.

The IT engineer is apparently keen to build an entirely new set of skills into the cyborg’s repertoire, including a function that will see her complete regular household chores for her husband.

There’s no word yet on whether he plans to add to her current vocabulary, but the story of Jiajia could yet inspire other lonely hearts to follow the same path to love – these two are made for each other, after all.

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