This 240-games-in-one mini arcade machine is the ultimate 8-bit nostalgia fest

Loaded is taking things back to the old school with this retro-inspired creation.

This 240-games-in-one mini arcade machine is the ultimate 8-bit nostalgia fest.

There was a time, long before the time of smartphones, VR headsets and e-sports, when people had to go a little further to get their gaming thrills.

This was the era of the arcade, when kids everywhere regularly convened in darkly-lit neon-filled room to play perfectly-pixelated games of every shape and size.

The graphics may have been basic, but the colours were bright and the gameplay fantastic.

For years, these gamers dreamed of a day when they would one day own one of these gaming cabinets for themselves, possibly after winning the lottery or through some other financial windfall.

Fast-forward several decades and much has changed – not all of it for the better.

Those same gamers have grown up to become full-grown adults, adults that still harbour the same interests and hobbies they loved all those years ago but are now too proud and too old to admit too.

Hairlines and waistlines will have worsened in a lot of instances, but it’s not all doom and gloom.

Technology, for example, has come a long way.

Smartphones may have dulled the mind, but gaming has soared to crazy new heights.  

Thankfully companies like ThumbsUp haven’t forgotten the arcade-lovers among us.

The result is their new Micro Arcade Machine, a truly astonishing creation that packs 240 brilliantly 8-bit games into one hand-sized, arcade-style, console.

Integrated with an enhanced screen rear light to suit both bright and dim lighted environments, this is your chance to turn the lights down low, crank up the Spotify 80s playlist and go back to your youth.

Best of all, this machine doesn’t require a glut of 50 pence pieces to play – it costs just £24.99 and is available from

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