These 7 Celebrity Death Items Were Sold To The Highest Bidder

Bloodied and torn, these collectables have a dark past

The glasses John Lennon was wearing when he was shot. Image Yoko Ono/ Twitter

Celebrity/historical memorabilia can range from the nostalgic to the downright weird.

We found a few that are just plain fucked up. These items in particular mark the gruesome and bloody ends of many a famous figure in history, all sold to the highest bidder.

loaded found seven grim death memorabilia items that have been up for auction.



Notorious B.I.G’s Car Door

The car door of the GMC Suburban that rapper B.I.G was shot to death in once went up for auction by the car rental company it belonged too after his murder in 1997. NO word on who bought it or where it is now. 




 John Lennon’s Shirt

The bloody shirt belonging to the New York concierge who helped John Lennon after he was shot, sold at auction for £31,000. It’s covered in smatterings of the Beatles’ blood from the gunshot wound that eventually killed him. 




Tupac Shakur’s Car

The BMW the hip hop icon was traveling in when he was shot to death is on sale for £1.5 million per the website Moments in Time

Moments in Time



Elvis’ Autopsy Tools

The Rubber gloves, forceps, lip brushes, a comb, eye liner, needle injectors, and a toe tag were put up for auction worth at least £12,000. Eventually the mortician who owned them reclaimed the items to donate to the funeral home that embalmed the king of rock and roll. 



Bonnie’s Stocking 

The stocking worn by Bonnie from Bonnie + Clyde, when she was shot to death by police was sold for an estimated £10, 000 in auction. 

RR Auction


 Abraham Lincoln’s Chair

After he was shot in the head, the blood soaked chair he was sitting in was sold to Henry Ford in 1929 for £2000

Abraham Lincoln Online



Napoleon’s Shirt

The shirt the emperor was wearing when he slipped into a coma went up for auction expecting to sell for £30,000. Eventually it was withdrawn by the seller as they feared it would be taken out of France. 

Just Collecting


Pretty grim club these folks belong to.

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