These Earphones Come With A Lot Of Hype And Are Shockingly Cheap

Sounds good to us

Are these really that good? Image Xiaomi

Someone went through a pile of headphones, over 100 in fact and found an exemplary pair. You won’t believe how much they’ll set you back.

£23. While there are a lot of earbuds out there that won’t break the bank and produce decent sound, the Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Headphones have been standing out for their remarkable sonic quality and comfort. [via Business Insider]

The earphones are made from a high-quality aluminium-finish plastic and feature a kevlar infused cord with a mic and three-button remote. They’re also supposed to not leak sound. Which means, you won’t disturb fellow commuters on the train if you want to pump up the jams.




Sound wise, these little fellas apparently pack a punch that is usually reserved for their pricier compadres. CNET reviewed the Xiaomi’s before their release in 2016, stating that they ‘look, feel and sound like a really nice $100 set of earphones.’

They’re also very good at excluding outside noise due to a tighter fit in the ear, unlike the Apple earphones that retail for £29.99 and seemingly do the opposite. At least from our experience.

loaded will need to give them a go. 

Luckily they’re on Amazon and come in two different colour schemes, we’ll be hitting that up momentarily.

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