These 7 Cartoons Were Deemed Too Offensive For TV


A still from a very controversial "Gargoyles" episode. Image Disney

Historically, cartoons have been pretty hit or miss. Whether its racist dialogue and imagery or traumatic scenes that are guaranteed to scare the bejesus out of the kiddies – sometimes animation gets it very, very wrong.

loaded has found a pile of cartoon episodes banned from the airwaves for being too out of left field and frankly, ‘wacist. Looking at you Elmer.



Song of the South

Let’s start this list off with a super racist Disney film released in 1946. Glorifying slavery, is always bullshit.



Buster Bunny and the evils of alcohol

This Tiny Toons episode was intended to teach the youngins to stay away from the booze until legal age, but it got a bit out of hand. It ended with Buster Bunny, Plucky Duck and Hamton J. Pig driving drunk off a cliff, with all meeting a grizzly end. It aired once and that was enough.



Gruesome Gargoyles

The well-watched animated series gargoyles once aired an episode called “Deadly Force,” meant to inform viewers about the dangers of gun violence. Instead it scared the shit out of fans when one of the main characters was seen dying in a pool of her own blood. Disney removed this particular episode from circulation for awhile.



Ren + Stimpy

An episode called “Man’s Best Friend,” shows Ren beating the shit out of George Liquor with an oar, it was so bad his eye popped out. The creator was even fired for crossing the line with shit like that.




Pokemon, No

“Computer Soldier Porygon” was a chapter in the Pokemon universe that should be forgotten. IN 1997 this episode featured flashing red and blue lights which sent 600 people to the hospital complaining of blurred vision and nausea – some even passed out. Don’t watch it.



Cow + Chicken

In 1998, an episode aired about a group of biker ladies who had a penchant for ‘chewing carpets.’ It was banned for some reason, don’t see the problem here.



Mr. Skinnylegs

Didn’t think Peppa Pig would be in this collection, but apparently an episode was banned in Australia after Peppa became friendly with a spider. Aussie parents didn’t like the message it sent to kids, especially since spiders down under will kill you.


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