Does This Photo From Theresa May’s Constituency Sum Up UK Politics?

The image, taken as the results were read out in Maidenhead, kind of said it all…

Theresa May Image Getty

The utter chaos of British politics has been perfectly summed up by a photo from Theresa May’s home constituency of Maidenhead.

The current Prime Minister may be in serious trouble nationally, after failure to gain the significant majority she sought when first calling the snap election a couple of weeks ago, but she still romped to victory in her own constituency, despite some stiff opposition.

Because, as the bizarre and quite colourful photo of her opponents showed, she was up against some real titans from the world of politics – and we aren’t talking about either of the Labour or Liberal Democrat candidates.

Theresa May's Maidenhead constituency.
What the hell is going on? Where do you start? Image BBC

First up, there was Lord Buckethead, the Intergalactic space lord running as an independent with a ruddy great bucket on his head.

Known for his love of the Ian McShane antiques dealer drama series, Lovejoy, Lord Buckethead managed to pick up a record 249 votes, which is good going for someone who appears to be completely bonkers.

Lord Buckethead

He wasn’t the only one labelled a monster raving loony party either – there was also Howling Laud Hope, the leader of the Monster Raving Loony Party.

With a manifesto pledging to set up a pot hole preservation society and clear the national debt using a credit card, his chances of victory were always slim to none but he still managed 119 votes.

Last and most definitely least, there was Bobby Smith and his one-man “Give me back Elmo” party. A staunch father’s rights campaigner, Smith picked up just three votes despite turning up to polling in an adult-size Elmo costume.

Elmo standing for election.

Elsewhere, Christian Peoples candidate Edmonds Victor scored 69 votes, while Animal Welfare’s Andrew Knight racked up a commendable 282 votes.

The big loser in Maidenhead, however, aside from May was UKIP’s Gerard Batten scoring 6.9 per cent less than the 2015 election.

Showcasing the utter chaos of a constituency with 13 candidates and an under-pressure PM, it kind of summed up UK politics to a tee and there’s no shame in that at all.

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