The Weird Ways You Can Make Your Penis Bigger

In case you were wondering...

Does size really matter? Image HowToDoAnything

It’s a common worry amongst men – ‘is my penis big enough? Does size matter?’

Well, there are fixes out there, both invasive and superficial, that just might make your dick dreams come true.

loaded previously explored Botox for your penis, or Scrotox, which involves an injection in your scrotum, but that’s just the start…

These weird procedures for increasing your penis size are almost revolutionary, though they look quite painful. Be warned.  

Butt Lift

A permanent option for a more aesthetically pleasing groin actually involves lifting the buttocks… The Brazilian butt lift is huge right now, mostly within the LGBT community, but 25% of straight men are also delving into the operation. The removal of fat from the stomach and flank area to bulk up the backend can also resculpt the stomach and pubic area in a way that makes your penis appear much larger.

Boob Dick

If that’s not your bag, then there’s always the penis implant. Unlike the penile implant which is primarily used for erectile disfunction, the penis implant is a silicone sheath wrapped around the shaft to make the penis appear up to 2.5-4cm wider and longer. London plastic surgery clinic International Andrology does one for £6,900 a pop. It was invented in 2003 and since then has achieved a 95 percent satisfaction rate amongst customers. Not too shabby. The only catch is you have to be circumcised to get it.

Dr James Elist

These are all valid options, but experts are clear that the giant dont’s for increasing your penis size included hanging weights from your penis or letting a venomous snake bite your Johnson, which actually happens in certain parts of the word… If you’re serious about it, best to put up the cash and try our suggestions instead. 

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