The UK’s kinkiest towns and cities have been revealed

These are the "naughtiest" towns and cities from across the UK for sales of "marital aids".

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The “naughtiest” towns and cities from across the UK have been revealed.

Figures compiled by have revealed the 20 kinkiest locations across the country based on the sheer volume of sex toys being ordered online before Christmas.

Top of the list – unsurprisingly – are the UK’s three biggest cities with London sitting on top, while Manchester just pips Birmingham into second place.

And there will be plenty of smiles in the East Midlands come Christmas Day apparently as Nottingham came out a surprise fourth with Glasgow completing the top five.

The Midlands is a steamy hotbed of pleasure as it also boasts Leicester, Oxford, and Northampton, while the sea air seems to get the pulses racing with Brighton, Southampton, Bournemouth and Plymouth in the top 20.

Northerners are not missing out on the action as Sheffield, Leeds and Liverpool are not shy of a little additional stimulation but the same cannot be said for Wales – with just Newport making it into the top 20 (19th), while Northern Ireland is limp with not one town on the list.

91/2 weeks director Andrew Durham said: “We’re certainly surprised by some of the findings, especially how horny people in Nottingham are especially compared to some of the larger cities on the list like Leeds, Brighton and Liverpool.

“What they are buying is also interesting with chastity devices the No 1 item. That really is interesting and says a lot about the couples and their relationships.

“There are also a lot of fun items as well and Christmas is all about fun and surprising a loved one – and that is certainly going to be true this year.

“We don’t know if sales are down to the effect of Brexit and our withdrawal from Europe, but there are definitely more people looking to pep up their sex lives.”

The full list:

1st – London
2nd – Manchester
3rd – Birmingham
4th – Nottingham
5th – Glasgow
6th – Bristol
7th – Sheffield
8th – Southampton
9th – Reading
10th – Edinburgh
11th – Leeds
12th – Plymouth
13th – Brighton
14th – Norwich
15th – Liverpool
16th – Leicester
17th – Oxford
18th – Newport
19th – Northampton
20th – Bournemouth

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