The Sexiest Female Body Part Has Officially Been Revealed

Has the 'boobs or bum' debate been answered?

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What’s the sexiest female body part?

It’s a debate that’s divided people for centuries, but the argument might finally have been put to bed after the results of a study shed some light on the subject.

Now, you might think blokes are normally split into two caps – boobs or bum – and most of the time, you’d be right.

However, the data obtained in a new study by UK pharmacy Dr Felix has revealed that the sexiest body part is actually something completely different.

Take a look at the findings of the study below:

The survey asked men to reveal what they believe to be the most desirable female body part, and the most popular turned out to a woman’s face.

46% of men agreed that the face is the sexiest body part, while a relatively small 18% said they favoured the bum.

Perhaps surprisingly, breasts are way out in fifth place, after 11% of blokes surveyed said they found women’s hair sexier and 9% said they went for legs.

loaded legend Rhian Sugden
Rhian Sudgen A loaded legend

Elsewhere, the stomach is the 6th most popular choice with 4% of the vote, while a small number of the participants opted for “other” body parts as the sexiest, whatever they are.

It’s certainly a revealing study, and puts a spin on the traditional boobs or bum debate. In fact, it turns out most guys are actually ‘face guys’, who knew?

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