The Russian Slapping Championships might be the most brutal sport we’ve ever seen

Some top slappers were on display...

Russia is already home to some of the most brutal sports on the planet.

This is the country that brought us wall-on-wall fist fighting and a form of UFC that invites combatants to don knight’s armour before bashing the hell out of each other with swords.

All of that pales in comparison to the searing pain that must surely greet anyone taking part in Russia’s latest sporting spectacle.

The Russian Slapping Championships aren’t big, and they definitely aren’t clever.

In fact, it is barely even a sport, with competitors invited to stand in front of one another and take it in turns to slap your opposite number as has as you can.

Quite what the rules of the sport entail are unclear, though it appears you lose points for flinching or getting knocked out.

A poor slap can also see you lose out, meaning it’s essential to not only be a first-rate slapper but also someone capable of taking a slap or two yourselves.

The latest edition of the Russian Slapping Championships came to the city of Krasnoyarsk earlier this month, with slappers far and wide heading to the city.

Some came to slap, others to be slapped. A few just wanted to watch some slapping. The dirty sods. In any case, there was a valid reason for slappers to be there with a prize of around 30,000 rubles up for grabs.

The ensuing slapping was brutal to say the least, with some competitors adopting a slapping style that bordered on punching. It was an approach that resulted in a few KOs for that matter.

Chief among these was a fighter in a blue sweater by the name of Vasily Kamotskiy who went on to take the top prize.

It could be argued he didn’t play fairly but it’s difficult to imagine anyone attempting to take the prize fund off of Vasily who is clearly not to be messed with.  

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