The Charitable Side Of Pornhub Might Surprise You

They give more than h**d....

Doing the deed, the good deed Image Getty/ Pornhub

Pornhub is mostly known as a leading forum for all your fleshy needs, but the company also attempts a certain amount of altruism.

Pornhub Cares is the charitable faction of the site, numerous campaigns and initiatives litter the page, all with a seemingly common goal.

For a company which garnered 23 billion views last year alone to use their prolific influence for good is immense, but the naysayers seem to rear their heads and spit vitriol towards the company whenever possible.

Save the Whales campaign/PornHub Cares

It must be said that Pornhub Cares finds very creative ways to rack up funds, using their ever-eager audience. One effort, called Save The Whales, aimed to donate 1 cent for every 2000 videos viewed from February 8th – 29th 2016.

They instructed users to tap an icon titled Blow Your Load, to view some of Pornhub’s best videos and also give back.

The result was almost 6 billion views and most likely a total well in excess of the £50,000 fundraising target the company had set (no official figures were ever released.)

The Save The Whales campaign did attract some negative press though, with Feminist Current offering up the following, via an article from Raquel Rosario Sanchez entitled Porn Won’t Save The Whales:

“Promoting animal abuse, as Pornhub does, in order to support animal rights is, in and of itself, deeply problematic. But the abuse of animals also raises a lot of questions when it comes to violence against women.”

Sanchez also noted that Moclips Cetological Society the charitable organisation associated with the campaign didn’t seem as legit as they claimed. “This partnership is not just fishy, it’s dangerous,” she added.

Since then other efforts have been much less problematic, including the latest campaign called Panda Style which aims to help the Giant Panda population reproduce by making a ton of panda style porn.

Zoologists claim that ‘panda porn’ helps get pandas in the mood. So Pornhub requested that from March 16th to April 16th of this year users should upload videos of themselves having sex dressed as fluffy pandas. Zoologists would then have access to the content for their panda reproduction needs.

And upload they did, there is a rash of fuzzy panda people f*cking in the wilds of their backyards and bedrooms on the site right now.

Panda sex/PornHub

Pornhub also claimed that they would donate money to Giant Panda conservation using the same ‘views for cash’ premise as Save the Whales.

The only bee in the bonnet might be the fact that they never specified exactly which companies they would be collaborating with but that may have been in a bid to avoid the kind of backlash that greeted their whales campaign.

That being said, they have also worked with PETA to promote the spaying and neutering of stray animals within the United States. The campaign even featured the slogan, Too Much Sex Can be a Bad Thing. 

Other philanthropic efforts include Movember, Women in Tech and Save the Boobs – with the latter focused on Breast Cancer awareness. Say what you want about Pornhub and its swing at giving, whether it’s fishy or not – at least they’re putting some money where their mouths are.


According to an article by Huffington Post more than 13,000 trees were planted thanks to their “Pornhub Gives America Wood” campaign and £70,000 was raised from Save the Boobs.

Here’s to the next creative and hilarious campaign.

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