From Star Trek to Colombiana: Zoe Saldana’s sexiest movie moments

As the Guardians of the Galaxy star turns 38, we look at some of her super sexy moments.

Zoe Saldana
Super Hot Saldana Happy Birthday Zoe

Though you wouldn’t think it to look at her, this Sunday marks Zoe Saldana’s 38th birthday and with that in mind Loaded has opened up the vaults to look back through her film career to date.

Best known for her work in the Star Trek movies and Guardians of the Galaxy, Saldana has provided moviegoers with plenty in the way of memorable and super-steamy scenes involving everything from guns to green aliens.

Oh, and she also happened to star in one of the sexiest ever lesbian scenes involving none other than Mila Kunis. Did that grab your attention? We thought it might – here are Zoe Saldana’s sexiest movie moments.


Rosemary’s Baby

If you saw the title and thought to yourself ‘I don’t remember Zoe Saldana being in Rosemary’s Baby’ then don’t worry – because you are not alone.

A star in the ill-advised miniseries rather than Roman Polanski’s stone cold classic, Saldana does at least inject a bit of lesbian kissing into proceedings. Forget Rosemary’s Baby – the only abomination here is the film itself.


The Losers

Remember when you saw Jeffrey Dean Morgan in Watchmen and thought ‘wow, wouldn’t it be great if that guy had his own comic book movie’ – well, the result is The Losers and it’s patchy at best. Thank heavens at least for the presence of a villainous Idris Elba and Saldana is super sexy form.


Star Trek

Forget Avatar and Saldana’s turn as the world’s most athletic Smurf, it was her fine performance in Star Trek as a 21st century Uhura that had guys everywhere shouting ‘bone me up, Scotty’ or some similar sci-fi related sex pun. In one particular scene, she even got her kit off. Uhura, report to the bridge.



In the spirit of Luc Besson’s borderline iconic La Femme Nikita, Saldana puts in another fine performance as an assassin out for revenge. It also helps that she looks absolutely incredible in the film – as all female assassins in any film since the dawn of time must.


After Sex

The Saldana film that she probably wants you to forget, After Sex was supposed to be a film about two young girls discovering their sexuality.

That the other girl happened to be Mila Kunis was a bonus but the scene where Saldana fingers Kunis could rank among the most incredible discoveries since that dude in Jurassic Park dug out the mosquito in amber. Life found a way.

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