These “Pie Top” Sneakers Let You Order Pizza And Pause The TV

Pizza Hut is giving shoe lovers a slice of the future with these hi-tech trainers.

Pizza Hut has unveiled its latest innovation: shoes that you can pause the TV and order pizza with.

The pizza restaurant chain has always been at the forefront of innovation in the industry – they were the first to hit on the idea of a cheeseburger-filled pizza crust, for example.

But the appropriately named “Pie Top” sneakers are a whole other level of genius.

The second generation of these unique pizza-themed trainers, the Pie Top II has been designed by Dominic Chambrone and come in both red and wheat colours.

Other design features include a “cheese grater mesh” and “extreme marinara splash” motifs on the heel counters. It should also be stressed that the shoes, themselves, are not edible.

Pizza Hut shoes.

Yet the real innovation comes in the fact wearers can also order pizza, from Pizza Hut, at the touch of a button on the tongue.

Pressing the button will set the wheels in motion for an order of two medium pizzas with a choice of two toppings for each. This isn’t even a gimmick – the shoes actually work.

Better yet, the new sneakers also allow the wearer to pause their TV. You know, for when the pizza delivery guy turns up at the worst possible moment.

Now, as with anything like this there is a catch. And in this instance, the catch is that there are a seriously limited number of the Pie Top IIs available.

450 of them are being given away on social media in the next few weeks while another 40 pairs are set to be made available to purchase via the website during the week of March 19.

Finally, another 50 are set to be raffled off at the Final Four Fan Fest in San Antonio.

Pizza Hut shoes.

While very much a one-off prototype for the kind of shoe that could one day become commonplace, smart sneakers sound like the wave of the future to us. Especially ones that can order pizza.

And the timing couldn’t be better – especially after one leading expert claimed pizza may actually make for a healthier breakfast than cereal.

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