Could Sylvester Stallone Be “The Stranger” In Guardians Of The Galaxy 2?

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Sylvester Stallone is slated to appear in Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2, and his role has mostly been kept close to the chest… until now.

Director James Gunn revealed in a Facebook Live interview with Yahoo Movies that “people will find out very, very soon,” who Stallone’s character is in the Marvel film. He also added that fans should “look for clues and you will find out the character Sylvester Stallone plays.”

We guess the cat will be let out the bag in another trailer before the film’s May 5th release. After all, his Tango and Cash co-star Kurt Russell was recently revealed as Ego: The Living Planet and Peter Quill’s dad in the latest clip

Stallone’s character could be anyone; it’s well known that the Marvel universe is multitudinous and deeply interwoven, so the possibilities for Stallone are pretty endless. However, fans predicted last year that the Rambo star was playing one of Youndu’s space pirate goons, The Ravagers.


We’re doubtful he would be given such a bit part unless it’s a cameo though. Furthermore, judging by Gunn’s admission that Sly’s role was a “very important part of the Marvel cosmic universe,” we can count Ravager out. 

So who is he? As the release date draws nearer Marvel fans on platforms like Reddit are busy speculating. One left field theory suggests that Kurt Russell is merely a Red Herring and Sly is Starlord’s father. Others point to Eros or Starfox who is the brother of Thanos – the big, bad purple dad of Gamora and Nebula. The Wikipedia page claims he’s a member of the Nova Corp but Gunn has yet to confirm this. 

Our hope and prayer is that he’s playing “The Stranger,” better known as the creator of Ego: The Living Planet. The likeness to the comic image is uncanny, and Stallone would slip right into those cosmic boots just fine. Some of “The Stranger’s” powers include, “levitation; force field creation; size shifting and molecular manipulation of matter,” sounds like a job for Rocky if you ask us.


Either way, we trust that Gunn has it all under control and we are in for an epic viewing experience come May. Can’t f**king wait. 

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