Sacha Baron Cohen claims Borat was to blame for Pamela Anderson’s divorce

It was all downhill from there...

Sacha Baron Cohen has claimed ‘Borat’ was to blame for Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock’s divorce.

The ‘Baywatch’ star appeared in the comedian’s outrageous 2006 mockumentary which saw her “kidnapped” by the comedian’s Kazakh journalist Borat Sagdiyev during a fan signing.

Speaking on ‘The Last Laugh’ podcast, Sacha claimed Kid Rock thought Pamela – who was one of the few people involved in the project who knew it was a movie – “had humiliated herself” with her role.

He said the model told him the couple – who got married four months before the film was released – were getting divorced, citing “the movie” as an issue.

He added: “I thought it was a joke but then a few weeks later they got divorced and they put as a reason for divorce, ‘Borat.’ “

The pair filed for a divorce just days after ‘Borat’ was premiered in the UK and US in November 2006, citing “irreconcilable differences”.

Meanwhile, earlier this month Charlize Theron revealed she spent five days in hospital after laughing too hard at the movie.

The 43-year-old actress explained that whilst watching with a pre-existing neck condition, she laughed so much her “neck locked up” and after leaving the cinema in an ambulance, the ‘Long Shot’ star has never finished the film as it’s too much as a “risk”. 

She said: “I went to go see ‘Borat’ I had a pre-existing injury in my neck – a herniated disk in my neck. A few of us went to go … and halfway through that movie, I laughed so hard that my neck locked up. And, like, an ambulance had to take me to the hospital, and I was in the hospital for five days.  I didn’t finish the movie! I’ve never, like, fully finished the movie. It’s a risk now!”

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