Revealed: The stunning French lifeguard serenaded by Irish fans

The French beauty has become a hit on social media.

The French girl was serenaded by Irish Football fans
Serenade The French girl was serenaded by some fans.

The Irish fans have safely taken over France through sheer force of their friendliness, good natured fun and endearing charm.

They serenaded nuns, made friends with opposition fans and helped young babies get to sleep.

They haven’t had the best of tournaments; a 1-1 draw in their opening game was followed by a 3-0 loss against Belgium, leaving themselves in a precarious position ahead of a must-win game against Italy on Wednesday.

This hasn’t stopped fans enjoying their time away in France, with one particular French girl getting caught up in the fun when a group of Irish fans serenaded her with the old classic I Love You Baby.

The young French girl, 19-year-old Carla Romera, was found on Friday by the charming group during a sing song in Bordeaux. 

Romera described to Sudouest how she got caught up in the sing song.

Carla Romera
Sing song Romera described how brilliant the fans were

“Some began to have their picture taken with me, it made me laugh. Then one of them began to sing,” she said.

“All the others joined in. They asked me to choose one to whom to give a kiss. ‘The one who has beautiful eyes’ I told them.” 

carla romera
Eyes The beauty has become a hit online
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