Watch: A Retired Race Horse Gets Sweet Revenge On His Terrified Rider

Shamrock the horse obviously forgot he was retired...

Whoa Shamrock! Former race horse takes rider for the ride of his life... Image Nick Bull/ YouTube

A hilarious video has emerged online showing a former race horse bolting down a quiet trail, like like he used to in the old days.

The owner of the horse called Shamrock created a hysterical video titled ‘Shamrock is a Twat’, featuring the stallion gunning it down a country road.

In the clip, filmed on a go pro, starts with the horse gently trotting, before eventually picking up to alarming speed.

The surprised rider clings on for dear life, letting free a series of expletives and worried yells.

“No Sham, for fuck’s sake!” rider Nick Bull is heard screaming as Shamrock continues his pelt down the lane, eventually unseating his rider and continuing in a bid for the win.

You can hear the owner groaning in pain as he writhes on the ground, while Shamrock leaves him behind heartlessly.

He explains in the description: “Shamrock is a retired race horse. On this day, he forgot he was retired, or that I’m not that experienced a rider and decided to take me for the ride of my life.”

Many experienced riders who also own former race horses claimed in the YouTube comments that it’s how you sit in the saddle that sets them off.

“Don’t drop them all the way but yes, leaning forward and steady pressure is the signal to go for racehorses. Sitting down and back and pulling with one rein at a time is the way to stop, preferably before he started galloping,” said one.

Despite the fact that both horse and rider made it out unscathed, we imagine Shamrock probably didn’t get a carrot after this…

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