A real life Yogi Bear! Camera captures moment bear stole beer from golf kart

We are just surprised he didn’t want to chow down on a ‘club’ sandwich.

The real Yogi Bear *Not the actual bear he fought

As children, we no doubt all dreamed of one day encountering a real-life Yogi Bear – the cartoon Caniformia who was more than a little partial to the odd picnic basket.

Unfortunately, upon reaching adulthood most realised that, rather than being cuddly balls of fun, bears are actually bloody thirsty animals who would not think twice about biting your face off.

Moviegoers were reminded of this earlier this year with Leonardo DiCaprio going toe-to-toe with a big grizzly in The Revenant and coming off more than worse for wear.

However, there may finally be a cute bear story for all of us to enjoy and, best of all for loaded, this bear sounds like a right lad.

Footage filmed at the Moose Run Golf Course in Anchorage, Alaska and uploaded to Facebook captured the moment a group of blokes came face-to-face with a bear.

But, fortunately for all those involved, this particular encounter did not end in bloodshed.

In fact, all the bear seemed to want to do was play a couple of holes.

And, at the very least, he was desperate to sink a cold one, having stolen one of the onlooking golfer’s beers.

It all added up to a memorable encounter with what is likely to be the closest thing we ever get to a real life Yogi Bear.

We can only imagine the kind of hangover than bear must be nursing now.

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