The Psychedelic Donald Trump J-Pop Tribute you have to see

Donald Trump has never been so trippy.

Donald Trump Mike Diva clip
On a Donald Trump trip The craziest YouTube clip you will see this year Image Mike Diva/YouTube

Donald Trump fans will be foaming at the mouth for more than one reason after watching Mike Diva’s epileptic seizure-inducing J-Pop tribute to the potential US president elect.

With over 1.3 million views accrued on YouTube in the space of two days, the music video clip has clearly captured the imagination of the wider public.

Not everyone appears to be in on the joke though, with many Trump supporters seemingly endorsing the clip, while a fair few more are asking whether it is real.

Depicting an alternative reality in which dear Donald is something of a heartthrob to young Asian girls, the female lead at the centre of the video is whisked away to a magical world – where Trump is president of world – and experiences all manner of trippy Trump adventures.

In a clip as vivid as the one constructed by Diva, it is difficult to do justice to the finished article.

It is probably worth noting that the clip does feature Donald as a giant purple dinosaur and, even better, a Trump-inspired transformer robot who ends up destroying the world.

Both a knowing wink the potential nuclear Armageddon that could arise as a result of Trump’s election as well as a clear piss take of pretty much everything Republican candidate stands for, it really has to be seen to be believed.

Diva, who has made his name as a visual artist and something of a YouTube video superstar, the video is easily the most impressive Trump piss-take we have seen so far – and that includes the amazing Game of Thrones clip involving the bouffant haired buffoon.

Something tells us this won’t be the last one either.

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