Loaded XI: Take The Premier League Transfer Window Quiz

How well do you remember the biggest deals in Premier League history?

Andy Carroll and Luis Suarez sign for Liverpool
The Premier League transfer window Andy Carroll and Luis Suarez sign for Liverpool Image Getty Images

Every football fan knows that end of season feeling…

There’s nothing to watch at the weekend, nothing to look forward to during the week, and we’re a left scrolling through the transfer gossip columns in search of our next football hit.

It’s a tough time for fans everywhere, but there’s still plenty of fun to have before the season starts and the window closes…

While we’re moaning about a lack of games, Premier League clubs are still incredibly busy, planning their next movies in the transfer market.

The window is more entertaining than ever before too – after all, there are MASSIVE amounts of money in football now, and transfer records are being toppled year on year. In fact, some truly astronomical prices are being paid for fairly average players these days (Moussa Sissoko, we’re looking at you…)

However, how well do you remember the deals of years gone by, before the transfer window got so crazy?

Test your knowledge of the transfer window throughout the Premier League era by taking the loaded quiz below:

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