Police officer caught on camera having sex with ride-along passenger

You have the right to remain silent…during sex with this law enforcement official.

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A Texas police officer is back on the job, despite the emergence of footage showing the law enforcement official having sex with an unidentified woman who had joined him for a ride-along.

Under state law, local citizen are allowed to go on one ride-along with an officer every six months – provided the officer is neither a friend nor relative.

Officer Jeff Mubarak decided to take things a little further during one particular ride-along conducted back in August 2015.

Suspended for a month as a result of his activities behind the wheel, the footage of Muburak and the female came to the public’s attention after ABC7 News obtained it under the Freedom of Information Act.

Having previously been caught by a passer-by, Muburak and his blurred out “partner” have since become popular online with readers seemingly divided on whether the incident was a gross abuse of power or the kind of thing that wouldn’t look out of place in a Lethal Weapon or Beverly Hills Cop movie.

The clip sees Officer Mubarak from the Pasadena Police Department travelling with a blurred out and potentially attractive woman.

Reportedly part of what the authorities discovered was her 20th ride along with Mubarak, the clip sees the pair come to a standstill in a local car park before things get down and dirty.

Sadly, much of the salacious material has been blurred out to protect identities of those involved but with Mubarak back on the streets, it’s nice to know that are streets are safe in the hands of a man unable to go a day at work without a shag.

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