Pedro Pascal’s new sci-fi thriller Prospect gives Star Wars fans a taste of what to expect

It’s been heralded as the best sci-fi movie since Moon.

Pedro Pascal’s new sci-fi thriller Prospect gives Star Wars fans a taste of what to expect.

There’s no denying the fact Pedro Pascal is enjoying a moment right now.

One of the breakout stars of both Game of Thrones and Narcos, the Chilean-American actor looks set to further cement his small screen dominance in the upcoming Star Wars TV series The Mandalorian.

In the meantime, however, fans can whet their appetite with his latest big screen effort, Prospect, which is already being tipped as one of the must-see sci-fi movies of 2019.

A visual feast that’s smart and entertaining in equal measure, Prospect has already drawn comparisons with Duncan Jones’ Moon, while there are certainly shades of both Ridley Scott and Christopher Nolan to this emotionally-charged other-worldly story.

Pedro Pascal’s new sci-fi thriller Prospect gives Star Wars fans a taste of what to expect.

Prospect stars Pascal along with newcomer Sophie Thatcher and Transparent’s Jay Duplass in a strikingly original sci-fi tale written and directed by Christopher Caldwell and Zeek Earl. 

Caldwell and Earl started out with a series of impressively-made short films, put together on a shoestring budget, which highlighted their obvious talents and soon caught the eye of the powers-that-be in Hollywood.

The result is Prospect, a fully-realised and highly atmospheric feature-length version of a short previously put together by the pair.

It centres on a teenage girl (Thatcher) and her father (Duplass) who travel to a remote alien moon in search of fame and fortune. They’ve just secured a contract to harvest elusive gems hidden in the depths of the moon’s toxic forest and are hopeful of landing their bounty.

But it soon becomes apparent that there are others roving the wilderness. Soon the job quickly devolves into a fight to survive. Forced to contend not only with the forest’s other ruthless inhabitants, but also her father’s judgment, the girl must soon carve her own path to escape.

Prospect made its cinematic debut at the 2018 South by Southwest Film Festival, where it won the Adam Yauch Hörnblowér Award and attracted a raft of positive reviews.

It’s arriving on DVD and Digital HD next month, but an inspired retro-style trailer is available to watch on YouTube now and comes highly recommended.

Boasting an impressive cast, some stunning visuals and an intriguing plot, Prospect looks a must-watch whether you consider yourself a sci-fi fan or simply just a keen admirer of Pascal’s perfectly-chiselled jaw.

Prospect lands on DVD, Blu ray & Digital HD on Monday 23rd April.

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