Ranked: The Nation’s Favourite Pies Have Been Revealed

Steak and ale pie fans could be in for a shock.

New data has revealed the UK’s most popular pie – and food lovers could be in for a shock.

The UK is a nation of pie lovers, but have you ever wondered which ranks as our most cherished variety? A new study is aiming to reveal exactly that, using Google search data.

According to the findings, collected on behalf of Wren Kitchens, Shepherd’s Pie is our pie of choice, accounting for a whopping 90,500 searches across the UK every month on average.

There will be though, of course, that will claim the humble Shepherd’s Pie isn’t technically a pie, given the lack of pastry involved.

However the definition of what actually constitutes a pie has always been a bit…flaky – pastry pun definitely intended. Cottage Pie came in second with 74,000 UK searches a month, with fish pie in third having racked up 49,500.

There was disappointment for steak and ale pie fans though, with the pastry-based classic wallowing down in fifth with 9,900 searches compared with fourth placed chicken and mushroom’s 14,800 average searches.

A full breakdown of the top 10, along with the UK location where they are found to be most popular, can be viewed below:

Type of pie Average Monthly Searches City most popular in
Shepherd’s 90,500 Bristol
Cottage 74,000 Plymouth
Fish pie 49,500 Norwich
Chicken & Mushroom 14,800 Birmingham
Steak & Ale 9,900 Leeds
Pork  6,600 London
Meat & Potato 5,400 Sheffield
Steak & Kidney 5,400 London
Corned Beef 5,400 Newcastle
Vegan 1,600 London

*Calculations are explained in the methodology  

There’s also this rather nifty pie chart to enjoy – because no pie-based study would work without an actual pie chart.

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