NASA Cameras Pick Up Mysterious Blue Orb In Front Of The Sun

Could this be a rogue planet? Or maybe a blue death star?

NASA spot UFO The mysterious blue orb was spotted over the weekend Image NASA/Facebook/Pamela Johnson

UFO conspiracy theorists across the world have been getting very excited recently, after a mysterious blue orb was spotted by NASA cameras.

The unidentified object was spotted by Facebook user Pamela Johnson, who posted the image online. Johnson claims that the object was first seen in front of the sun on November 15. 

The object was photographed in front of the sun by NASA’s stereo satellites. It was seen briefly, before disappearing from view in later photos.

Watch a video explaining the NASA sighting below:

Johnson claimed that the sun started reacting to the object before it disappeared.

So what could the object be? A smudge on the lens? A rogue planet? Or maybe a huge blue death star? Only time will tell…

The news comes after former Chinese diplomat Shi-Li claimed extra-terrestrials are the real deal.

loaded also recently spoke to Malcolm Robinson, a respected author and speaker in the field of alien sightings, who has no doubts that alien life exists.

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