Do men really prefer football to sex? Loaded investigates…

With Euro 2016 in full flow, Loaded is investigating the issue that matters.

Scoring on and off the pitch
When fantasy football and dating collide

It is a debate that has raged since Gary Lineker was in long socks with the question simply being: is football actually better than sex?

With science telling us that men think about sex every seven seconds, it would be sensible, perhaps, to suggest that scoring a goal comes a distant second to scoring with a girl in the minds of most.

However, there is plenty of evidence to the contrary…

The Statistics

Champions League trophyMen may get excited about the prospect of a little bit of nookie but that is apparently nothing compared to the level of anticipation felt as kick-off approaches.

According to a study conducted by Loughborough University, the most exciting thing that happens to the average male on any given week is watching a football match.

55 per cent of those surveyed ranked football the thing they look forward to most with sex coming in a sorry third.

However, it is not just about the statistics either – even the pros back it up.

The Players

It can be difficult to get most elite footballers to open up about the debate surrounding sex and soccer, with most pros keen to use interview time to discuss the gaffer’s tactics, what the mood is like in the dressing room and what was said to them at half time.

Everyone that is, apart from Spain and Barcelona star Sergio Busquets.

Barcelona celebrating against Espanyol.Never the most outspoken of stars, Busquets still boasts a trophy cabinet that includes World Cup and European Championship winners’ medals as well as multiple La Liga, Copa del Rey and Champions League titles.

And the secret of his success? Choosing football over sex, or at least that was what he appeared to favour during an appeared on Spanish television show El Hormiguero: “In football, happiness lasts three or four days,” he said. “Sex, on the other hand, can last just one minute!”

He may have a point.

The Conclusion

Breast wishes from Bum Bum
Breast wishes from Bum Bum Alright, she clearly likes Barcelona Image Instagram

With the likes of former Loaded favourite Caprice claiming men only need 10 minutes of sex a day, we could be fast approaching a time when 90 minutes of football action is favoured over a bit of rough and tumble.

So next time your wife or partner gets the hump over you watching too much of the football action in France, then let them strop off – sleeping on the sofa means you are ready for the next match anyway.

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