Mariah Carey sends Instagram into meltdown with bra-based selfies

Has the original and best pop diva just coined the concept of bralfies?

Carey's latest killer look Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you the bralfie. Image Epic Records

Mariah Carey may be part of a dying breed of big-song divas but she can still give the likes of Taylor Swift a run for their money when it comes to delivering super-sexy selfies on Instagram.

The 46-year-old singer took to social media over the weekend to showcase her considerable assets in a series of revealing uploads.

And while it is a far cry from the kind of innovation that saw Alexander Graham Bell invent the telephone, Carey could lay claim the inventing a whole new kind of selfie, or at least championing the concept, in the form of the bra-based selfie or bralfie.


Though unlikely to match the kind of popularity enjoyed by signature hits like Fantasy, Honey or All I Want for Christmas, Loaded would be confident in the concept enjoying greater success than her ill-advised film outing Glitter.

In any case, the new Instagram uploads are a massive two fingers to ex-husband Nick Cannon.

Mariah Carey in her bra with Loaded

Cannon has been back in the headlines of late after appearing to reference his recent divorce from Carey in his most recent song.

Mariah has yet to respond in song form but we have a feeling Cannon will be more than a little worried about the prospect of a Carey-led diss track.

Mariah Carey in her bra with Loaded

The she-crooner has form in this respect, having previously gone to town on Eminem over his reported obsession with her in the imaginatively titled track Obsessed.

Cannon could be in for a few sleepless nights.

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