Margaret Qualley unleashes mad dance moves for Spike Jonze video

This leaves Weapon of Choice trailing in the dust.

Margaret Qualley's Spike Jonze Kenzo commercial
My Mutant Brain Margaret Qualley's Spike Jonze Kenzo commercial. Image Picture Kenzo

Margaret Qualley and Spike Jonze have teamed up to make a commercial that might just be the strangest thing you watch today. Scratch that, it is the weirdest thing you’ll watch today.

Remember Jonze and Fatboy Slim’s Weapon of Choice video featuring a dancing Christopher Walken? It’s like that, but with the crazy cranked up to 11.

Qualley, who’s the daughter of Andie MacDowell and star of HBO’s The Leftovers, takes on the role of a bored socialite who leaves a gala dinner (is that Jennifer Beals playing her mum?) only to find herself possessed and dancing like a loon through an empty building.

Titled My Mutant Brain, the short is actually a promo for Kenzo perfume, although you’d hardly know based on its content.

This feels a lot like a mad piece of performance art – complete with lasers shooting out of Qualley’s fingers, strange facial contortions, licking inanimate objects and a pumping track called Mutant Brain by Sam Spiegel (Jonze’s brother) and Ape Drums.

Sia’s Chandelier choreographer Ryan Heffington was behind those wild moves, in case you wanted to know.

Qualley, who trained as a ballerina before switching her attention to acting, said of her Jonze collaboration: “When we think about perfume campaigns, we think about a pretty girl with a bottle. This clip is exactly the opposite.

“It’s very multi-faceted and different; it takes the spectator by surprise.”

That it does, Margaret. That it does.

Watch Margaret Qualley and Spike Jonze’s Kenzo ad below:

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