Marcus Bent arrested for cocaine possession at Chessington World of Adventures

The former Premier League star wanted to get high. Really high.

Chessington World of Adventures Marcus Bent's new favourite place to take drugs.

Marcus Bent is facing some serious questions after it emerged that the former Premier League star was recently arrested for possession of a Class A substance, which was found on him during a trip to Chessington World of Adventures.

The 38-year-old, who played for Crystal Palace, Everton and Leicester City during a solid footballing career, appeared at Wimbledon Magistrates Court this week to answer the charges.

While it is bad for Bent to be caught in possession of cocaine, it is even worse to think he would do such a thing at Chessington World of Adventures.

Clearly, such thrill-a-minute rides as the Scorpion Express or Dragon’s Fury were simply not thrilling enough for Bent, who decided to add his own “special effects” to proceedings.

An England under-21 in his prime, Bent is clearly missing the cut and thrust of football, having hung up his boots back in 2012.

However, given the choice between a wild and wacky day out at Chessington or a job as one of Sky Sports’ roving reporters, tasked with travelling to far flung locations across the country to report on the latest goal at Newport or some other backwater footballing hub, we know what we would choose.

You have to wonder whether other fellow ex-pros are engaging in such nefarious activities at otherwise family-orientated locations.

Is Clive Mendonca sniffing glue at Alton Towers? Maybe Ruell Fox is currently knee deep in MDMA at Thorpe Park. Then again, maybe Loaded is just getting carried away again….

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