Watch: A Man Doesn’t Know He’s Paddling Near A HUGE Great White Shark

The diver assumed it was a more harmless species until he got closer...

Imagine seeing this at the beach... Image Dale Pearson/ YouTube

A man came this close to a 15 foot Great White Shark after mistaking it for what he believed was a harmless hammerhead.

Diver Dale Pearson lives near the Sea of Cortez, in Mexico and frequently paddles out into the bay, on this particular occasion he didn’t expect to come across a stranded Great White Shark feeding on stingrays in the shallows.

“To see such a huge shark in basically my front yard was quite unnerving,” he told the Mirror.

He noticed that the shark had been severely injured by a propeller in the past, and had a huge gash on it’s back near the dorsal fin.

“Boat strikes like that are common down here as it’s almost impossible to spot them just below the surface on choppy water,” Dale explained.

In the astonishing video, we see the massive shark tearing through the water, catching stingrays and paying no attention to Dale and his friend as they inch closer and closer while filming the entire experience on paddle boards.

At one point it rears up, and we get a full view of its massive head and sharp teeth.

Dale can be heard saying, “Holy shit it’s a white shark for sure!”

“It would hold still for a few minutes then swim out to deeper water of 2m then circle back and hold still again. That’s why we are pretty sure the shark was eating those stingrays,” he said.

The shark was injured badly by a propeller and though bleeding profusely, still found the strength to munch on sea life, not paying much attention to the humans nearby.

Dale claimed that the shark lived as it was seen swimming in the area two days later. 

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