loaded Spoke To Tattoo Artist Sasha Unisex About Her Unreal Style And Ink Empire

The super talented artist knows how to make a body beautiful....

Sasha at work. Image Sasha Unisex/ Instagram

Sasha Unisex is a tattoo artist known primarily for her unique and incredible designs that involve watercolour, animals, and geometry.

Originally from Russia, the artist now lives in Rome with her husband and one gorgeous whippet. She’s recently been expanding her booming business to included temporary tattoos, fashion, and prints of her work.

Getting tattooed by this talented person is tough – the waiting list is years long. But, Sasha Unisex is more than worth the wait and air miles.

loaded spoke to this stellar talent about ink and everything else.

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loaded: How long have you been drawing and painting?
Sasha: More than six years. I attended the Lviv National Academy of Art where I learned graphic design.
loaded: How did you become a tattoo artist?

Sasha: I wanted to do something special and also become a professional tattoo artist. I like creating with my hands and have always liked people with tattoos, so I decided to become one of them.


loaded: How did you develop your signature style? (geometric watercolour)

Sasha: I started to work with watercolour. I like clear lines and gradients, for me, it was very important to keep colours bright. First time I didn’t use a lot of colour. Mostly shades of black, red and blue. Then I started to add more colours as it was interesting to me, I tried to transfer my paintings to skin as exact as I could.

loaded: What’s the art scene like in St Petersburg?

Sasha: I haven’t lived there for more than three years. I can say that in Russia we have a lot of talented people. They are amazing and well known in the tattoo industry, worldwide.
loaded: You recently moved to Rome? Are you tattooing there? What’s that like?

Sasha: As you may know, I married. My family is the main reason I’ve moved to Italy. I tattoo in a private studio, and it’s similar to my studio in Moscow plus I’ve been busy with my Sasha Unisex brand business. My team and I are collaborating with brands such as Estee Lauder, BMW, Nike, Kiehl’s and are producing temporary tattoos and merchandise with my designs. Plus, from Rome, I can travel around a lot easier, which is good for me.

loaded: What’s the craziest thing anyone has ever asked you to tattoo?

Sasha: I can’t say it was “crazy,” but it was funny. A vegan couple asking to make vegetable tattoos.
loaded: Have you ever refused to tattoo someone?

Sasha: Yes, when I don’t like the theme of tattooing. For example, scenes with violence or things that could offend someone.
loaded: What advice would you give to someone before they get their first tattoo?

Sasha: To read about the tattoo artist they go to, look at their work. The most important thing is to take care of your tattoo, protect it from the sun!

loaded: Do you listen to music while you work? What kind of music?
Sasha: Yes, I do! I like different styles of music. Mostly calm and relaxing music.
loaded: Finally, favourite tattoo on your body and why. 
Sasha: I love the peony tattoo on my leg, I did it in Moscow, and I have great memories from that time.


We wish this uber talent luck with the future and hopefully we get inked by her one day. 

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