Lindsay Lohan is pretty p*ssed off about Brexit

The Mean Girls star was desperate for the United Kingdom to stay in the European Union.

Lindsay Lohan poses in comeback shoot for NOTOFU
Lohan ain't happy. This Mean Girl means business.

Lindsay Lohan is likely to be livid when she wakes to a Great Britain no longer looking to remain part of the European Union.

The 29-year-old spent much of the evening on social media urging Brits to back Bremain.

At one point, things turned especially bizarre with Lohan sharing an image of the Chanel logo alongside the question “Where’s Sunderland?”

#besmart pay attention and work hard to buy @chanelofficial #remain where's Sunderland? Does Sarah Palin live there? Lol

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Sunderland wasn’t the only UK destination to come in for a battering from the Mean Girls favourite, with Kettering also coming for some criticism as the rather odd series of social media posts continued on Twitter – with all of her posts subsequently deleted.

#REMAIN Sorry, but #KETTERING where are you&why is this woman @BBCNews speaking on people rather than TELLING us what happens if UK LEAVES?

— Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan) June 24, 2016

The Shetlands were labelled “pure hearted people” for backing Bremain while Manchester came in for short shrift after erring in favour of Brexit.

i love the #shetlands @BBCNews thank goodness we have pure hearted people our side #besmart#ShetlandsVSSunderland #BringItOn

— Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan) June 24, 2016

Lindsay Lohan poses in comeback shoot for NOTOFU
Casual pool attire

#bury what’s wrong with you manchester??????

— Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan) June 24, 2016

At one point, the tweets got so bizarre, Lohan said that she had not been hacked and that the comments were entirely of her own making.

#remain #REMAIN @standardnews #remain #REMAIN @Telegraph unlike OBAMA’s recent setback @BBCWorld i have not been hacked

— Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan) June 24, 2016

As the results progressed, Lohan became concerned, issuing another Instagram post noting that leave had edged ahead, while urging the UK to not disappoint her on this particular issue.

Lohan later deleted the post, evidently unhappy with what was unfolding.

She then proceeded to showcase her surprisingly well-read knowledge on the topic, first warning that the pound could take a battering in a move that proved bang on.

good luck with the pound.. will take you about 15 years to get it back up #REMAIN instead

— Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan) June 24, 2016

She also highlighted just one of the many beneficial European safety directives that have improved workplace conditions since 1996.

#OXFORD #EXETER #lambeth Workplace fatalities in the UK have reduced by half since European safety directives were introduced in 1996.

— Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan) June 24, 2016

Something tells us she is going to be none too happy when she wakes up this morning…

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