Legal Brothel offering visitors “Game Of Thrones Experience”

The Bunny Ranch offers something the Littlefinger brothel experience to patrons

Game of Thrones Loaded
Game of Bones What other pun did you expect? Image HBO

Game Of Thrones fans looking to recreate the experience of a trip to Littlefinger’s infamous brothel from the HBO can now do exactly that at a legal cathouse in the US.

An integral part of the show over the first few seasons, the brothel played host to plenty in the way of murder, intrigue and boobs. Lots of boobs.

Therefore, it is hardly a surprise to see someone cash-in on the Game of Thrones phenomenon with their very own brothel-based tribute to arguably one of the most unsavoury bits of the show – and that includes everything involving Ramsey Bolton.

Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof, who previously featured as one of the owners of a legal brother on the HBO series “Cathouse” came up with the idea after being inundated with requests by patrons.

As Hof explains, his house of prostitutes are all big fans of the show with the group often getting together to watch new episodes every Sunday and take a few notes along the way.

One scene, in particular, has proved popular with fans looking to experience the shame of Cersei Lannister.

Game of Thrones Loaded
The iconic Game of Thrones brothel set Plenty of blows were struck in here. Image HBO

“We’ve already had several fans of the show opt for the ‘walk of shame’ package, which involves a naked parade starting in the Bunny Ranch parlour and leading to a complete circumnavigation of our property,” he told

“Passing motorists were doing double takes and slowing traffic, so everybody got a free show that day.”

With a literal medieval dungeon equipped with all the necessary whips and torture devices required to recreate some of the show’s more gruesome trysts, it all adds up to a truly bizarre experience for anyone looking to get their kicks from a bit of dragons and tits.

Still, at least there are no plans on place to offer the Theon Greyjoy experience to any unlucky visitors. No one wants to go to a brothel and leave with their cock in a box.

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