Kai Greene On Bodybuilding, Making Movies And Turning To WWE

The star of Generation Iron 2 spoke exclusively to loaded about all things musclebound.

Champion bodybuilder Kai Greene.
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Bodybuilding takes as much mental as it does physical strength, as the legendary Kai Greene knows only too well.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Greene’s steady rise through the ranks of professional bodybuilding saw him garner the nicknames The Predator and Mr. Getting It Done.

Something of an overnight star after the release of Generation Iron, a documentary charting the ups and downs of life as a professional bodybuilder on the circuit, Greene has returned for a second instalment, Generation Iron 2, which lands this month.

Ahead of the release, he spoke to loaded about what it takes to make it in the sport and a few more things besides.

loaded: How did you first get into bodybuilding?

Greene: Influences in the pop culture, photos, magazine. Immediately thought of larger possibilities if I were able to look like the images in those publications and on screen.

loaded: What would be the one piece of advice you would give to anyone getting into it?

Greene: Be clear about what you want to accomplish. Be clear about what your goals are.


loaded: Can you walk us through your daily fitness/diet regime?

Greene: Wake up and give thanks to my creator and then we follow our basic protocols. Meals are prepped and eaten 2-3 hours until my day ends. Training consists of morning cardio and basic regimen following an afternoon training session. And in the middle of all that we conduct our business outside of the gym.

loaded: Can you explain the mind-muscle connection to us?

Greene: Becoming fully aware of the muscles that you are training while you’re training them.

loaded: What’s the most extreme thing you have ever seen someone do in a bid to win a bodybuilding contest?

Greene: The most extreme thing I’ve seen is the aim of the athlete to do their very best!

loaded: Are steroids still a problem in bodybuilding? Do you have any horror stories you might have witnessed that would put people off using them?

Greene: I have no horror stories

loaded: Looking back on your career to date, what’s been your most cherished memory/success?

Greene: Winning the first competition because of the extreme circumstances we found ourselves under at the time.

loaded: You’re going to appear in a movie called Crazy Fist – can you tell us a little about that? Any other films in the pipeline?

Greene: In Crazy Fist, I play an action character that battles the main character within the opening scene of the film. Yes, Generation Iron 2, which premieres May 12th during Body Power Weekend in Birmingham, UK. My role represents the limitless possibilities as well as the hopes of those that dare to aim higher and to do more.

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loaded: And your art – how did you get into sculpting? Was it something you’ve always been keen on?

Greene: The artistic mind has been alive and with me as long as I care to remember even before I knew it was there.

loaded: Would you ever consider doing something like WWE? You’d make a pretty cool addition.

Greene: That would surely be exciting. Currently I’m developing my skills as an actor to play multiple roles and characters. So much so that I’ve been cast in a film that I cannot say much about this very moment, but I play an intriguing character with a heart of gold.

Generation Iron 2 premieres today and is available to enjoy on demand now

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