Watch John Oliver completely obliterate the Brexit argument

Nigel Farage and UKIP came in for one hell of a shellacking.

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John Oliver has spoken Nigel Farage, your boys took one hell of a beating.

US political talk show maestro John Oliver has weighed into the debate surrounding the UK’s upcoming European Union referendum with a brilliant dissection of the argument for Brexit.

Oliver, who hails from Birmingham but is perhaps better known in the States, decided to have his say on the ongoing EU debate as part of a brilliant 15-minute segment in which both Nigel Farage and UKIP came in for plenty of criticism.

Offering up a balanced view on the pros and cons of remaining in Europe, Oliver’s comments could sway the argument further in favour of Bremain, ahead of Thursday’s UK referendum on staying in the EU.

“The EU is not perfect: it’s large, confounding, and relentless bureaucratic. Think of it like Gerard Depardieu: it’s an unwieldy European body that’s a source of great bewilderment,” he explained.

“But Britain leaving it would be a huge destabilizing decision, so we would expect the Brexit camp to have some pretty solid arguments. Unfortunately, many of them are bullsh*t.”


Not only did Oliver proceed to debunk several of the arguments laid out by the Brexit campaign – over 100 EU laws governing pillows and the great £350 million red bus debacle – but he also highlighted some of the more unsavoury incidents involving UKIP politicians over the past few months.

From Farage’s claims about Chinese takeaway to one UKIP councillor’s disgraceful comments regarding race – it is a damaging, if highly amusing, clip for those in favour of leaving the EU.

David Cameron may want to invite Oliver to No.10 sometime soon after this though something tells us that, in different circumstances, the Prime Minister may have found himself on the end of a similar video-based bollocking.

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