Italian ref sued by fan for not sending player off

Yes, really...

Juve defender Leonardo Bonucci
Leonardo Bonucci One Napoli fan wasn't happy with Bonucci getting away with a butt to the head of the ref

There’s being angry when watching football and there’s ‘Suing the referee because you’re not happy with a decision he made during the game’ angry. 

One particularly livid Napoli fan is the latter, after he announced that he’s planning to sue the referee who took charge of Sunday’s lively clash between Juventus and Torino. Juventus  won 4-1, to go back to a three-point lead over Napoli at the top Serie A. 

It was a tainted win for the Old Lady from a Napoli point of view, after referee Nicola Rizzoli failed to send off Juventus defender Leonardo Bonucci. 

Napoli fan Luigi Giordano revealed on his Facebook page that it’s his duty as a lawyer and as an Italy fan to bring the situation to the attention of the authorities. 

Giordano, a lawyer, has filed an official complaint about Rizzoli, on the basis that the ref let Bonucci escape without a red card despite the Juve defender appearing to headbutt the ref during a flare-up in the second half. Rizzoli also disallowed a Torino goal that replays showed could have been valid, reports Gazetta World.

Juventus defender argues with ref
Old lady Juve defender Leonardo Bonucci appears to headbutt referee Image Photo Sky Sports Italy

Despite Juventus having midfielder Sami Khedira sent off, it seems that wasn’t enough for Giordano, who wants answers. 

Although Giordano might sound like the ultimate 606 whinging phone-in caller, Juventus do have a history of being caught up in match-fixing scandals. They were relegated to Serie B in 2006 after being exposed for bribing refs.

Still, this season’s title race in Italy has been one of the closest in years, with Juve and Giordano’s beloved Napoli seeming to be pretty much unbeatable in their pursuit of the title. Juventus gained the upper hand last month with a 1-0 home win over Napoli courtesy of a late Zaza goal.

Whether authorities will listen to Giordano remains to be seen. Maybe let this one go, Luigi.

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