Iconic Songs Of 2017 By Butterjack ?

Butterjack's Smooth 'Best Of 2017' Playlist Is Just What We Need During This Winter Chill.

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Butterjack is the multi-faceted songwriter/producer who has been making waves in the music scene this year. Following his debut track ‘Other Worlds’, he pulls us back into his cosmos with new single ‘Good Girls’.

The enigmatic musician gives loaded a taste of his hot tracks of 2017, kicking it off with none other than Daniel Caesar.


Daniel Caesar – ‘Take Me Away’ (feat. Syd) 


“This is just so cool. Massive fan of the internet. And that’s how I found this track and Daniel Caesar. I love his vibe because it’s so effortless. Tracks just a lip curler!” 


Mahalia – ‘Sober’

“‘Sober’ is just a proper jam. I love her voice and the production are both incredible. Again, just seems effortless!” 


FKJ & Masego – ‘Tadow’

 “I absolutely hammered this album at the start of the year – played it SO much. This track has remained a go too for me! I just love the hook. “Yeah, I’m just sayin” so cool – careless. Just great.”


FKJ & Masego – ‘Tadow’

 “I think FKJ is a don. This was the first track I heard from Masego too. I  remember the first time I heard this song and I still vibe just as hard. So many levels. Rejoice when it graces the airwaves”


Yellow Days – ‘Gap In The Clouds’

 “New to this party but I’m so into it. This track suits any occasions, anytime. His voice is all things in one song and I love this version.”


LAOISE – ‘Rich’

“Synth heaven. Absolutely love the production on this track. Such a journey song.”


Superorganism – ‘Something For Your M.I.N.D’

 “Exactly what it says on the tin. Production is mental and the song is complete madness. When I first put it on my brain hurt. Trying to write things about it hurts my brain. But it just feels good when it’s on loud! Videos mad too.” 


Quin – ‘Sticky Situation’ (feat syd) 

 “This whole EP is so fire. She’s fire. Production is fire. Lyrics are mega cool too. Just fire. I think she’d be fun to get drunk with.” 


Jadu Heart & Mura Masa – U Never Call Me

 “Mura Masa’s record was one of my favorite albums of the year, so when this got released a couple of weeks ago I was straight on it. Never disappointed and this collaboration is so vibes!” 


SLANG – ‘Cheating On Your Phone (feat. Benny Banks).


“Always nice to see your mates killing it! This is one of my favorites off the mixtape! Makes you wanna walk a little faster with your chest out. Been playing this shit a lot.”


Butterjack – ‘Good Girls’

“As it’s my first time doing a playlist for you guys! I wouldn’t want to start with a lie. I’ve been waiting to get this tune out for a little bit and now it’s there on the internet.”

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